Following Your Dreams

At times, it may seem incredibly challenging to follow your dreams.  There are things in life that are out of your control.  However, if we focus on the things we do have governance over, then we find ourselves moving towards a goal.

  1. Dedicate Yourself

Dedicate at least 10 minutes of the day to what you love to do.  Some of us have full-time jobs and additional responsibilities at home that can leave us with little time to ourselves.  However, dedicating just a little bit of time to certain activities may lead to personal and professional growth.  I learned this from watching Elle Luna’s video talk on Youtube.  She believes that if you commit to at least 10 minutes, then eventually these 10 minutes will become 20 minutes or even an hour.  As someone who tried this, I can say that it does work.  I always wrote, but when I needed to, and never for a blog or a non-profit organization.  As I began to behave more like a writer and turned writing into a professional project that I could not abandon, I began to see opportunities.

  1. Do What you Love

If you are unsure as to what it is you love, don’t worry, I wasn’t entirely sure as well.  I took Elle Luna’s advice and asked my mom.  She told me to write because I’m good at it.  Elle Luna also suggests reminiscing on your childhood aspirations or activities.  In looking into the past for answers, I re-discovered my passion for writing and imagination.  I remember the endless hours I would spend in the library reading book after book.  I admire storytellers.  I was always the daydreamer, picturing stories in my head and playing the hero.

  1. Take a Break

Are you filled with energy and optimism that you don’t mind losing 3 hours of sleep each night?  I know I was. You may not see the negative effects of losing sleep, but it can catch up to you.  It did to me.  I am at a point where I treasure every free time that I get to rest.  If you feel guilty, don’t.  Sleep leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind can allow for creative ideas to flow.  If you take a step back from working too hard, you find that you will miss your passion and fall in love with it all over again.  I feel that in these moments, is when the magic happens, and you create the most incredible work.  As a writer, you may have more material to write about if you just look around and go to a museum, a park, or take a thirty-minute walk.  You never know what you can find that can trigger a great story or poem.

  1. Be Patient

It can be disheartening when you desire more, and you try but don’t see results.  My mom always tells me to have faith.  I wish faith worked by switching on a button.  It takes a lot of positive energy to get there.  For some reason, thinking that everything will be okay, is a lot harder than thinking that everything will be doomed.  I’m still trying to figure out why.  Ultimately, I talk myself out of entering a dark place and take a step back and admire the good things in my world.  I also find it helpful to see how far I have gone on this journey.  Only then, I realize how close I must be to something amazing.

Knowing that we are doing everything in our power to achieve our dreams offers a sense of comfort.  Although things may turn out differently than expected, it is wonderful to realize that at least we took action.

Persistence is a virtue that we must not abandon when situations obstruct our perspective.

-Stephanie Sandoval


Photograph by Michael Hull (


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