Five Things I Do To Recuperate From Thinking Negatively

Sometimes, it’s so hard for me to focus on myself and my journey towards my goals. I tend to lose sight of the good things happening in my life and only notice the things that I don’t have. When I feel distraught, I tend to look to my left and my right and see what others have. I only see their glory and don’t see the struggles that they probably had to go through to make their dreams a reality.

When this happens, I try to disconnect from the world.

1. Step Away From The Phone

For one thing, I shut off social media. Social media can be entertaining, but it can affect you in a negative way if you’re not emotionally strong. You’re vulnerable to other people’s opinion or lack of interest. You can also fall into a destructive pattern of comparing yourself to others. I’ve fallen, and it’s hard to get out of that mindset of they have more and I have less. Putting away the phone helps.

2. Walk It Off

Taking a walk helps me focus my energy on a physical activity. When I have bad days at work, I take a break and walk to this balcony where I can see the coast and the buildings of Downtown LA. It’s so quiet and peaceful that it usually fills my brain with tranquility. The negative noise drowns out. I’m free, and I feel light. The wind in my face alleviates anxious feelings. After ten minutes of looking at the sky, trees, and birds gliding from tree to tree, I feel a little more prepared to take on the rest of the day.

3. Sing

As I’m driving through the usual traffic, I sing loud and with passion. I may not be in harmony with the music, but I don’t care. It’s one way for me to let out frustrating thoughts. I especially love the song, “Fast Car” by Jonas Blue. It’s about escaping into an ideal world and letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

4.Wash It Off

I take a warm shower. I let the water hit the back of my neck, and it almost feels like a massage. I imagine all my worries being washed away plus all the negative beliefs that make me feel sad. I try to relax my body and not think. I focus on how the water hitting every inch of my body feels.

5.Write It Down

I also write. Before I go to bed, I release all the thoughts that may still be consuming my happiness. I question my unhappiness. I dive into the root of the problem and attempt to find a solution. My mom always tells me that there is a solution to everything in this world except for death. I have also heard others say that if there isn’t a solution to something, then why worry? It sounds like such an uncomplicated way to view a problem! But it’s so hard to get there.

As I’m writing, I try to think of the good things that did happen to me in the day. Yesterday, I was upset because someone was being rude and mean to me and I didn’t know how to handle it. However, seeing a picture of my great grand nephew at the end of the day made me cheerful. I felt hopeful, and I thought about the summer trip I was planning to visit him.

Even if it seems like everyone else’s dreams are coming true except for yours, don’t worry, your time will come. If a bad situation is overwhelming your mind, then practice some self-love! For one day or two (how many you need!), forget about whatever is bothering you and cherish yourself. Remember, our mission is NOT to be perfect but to be happy.

Once you release some tension, you’ll be better equipped to face another day.

Dreams are dreams, and they all come with their individual challenges. Let’s not allow these difficulties to hinder our spirit to live!

-Stephanie Sandoval


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